The Definitive, Comprehensive Guide to this years US Open with Darkhorses! Oh yeah……and Predictions!

We all know the usual suspects. We know that Fed, Djokovic and Nadal will be championship threats, play deep into week two and one will probably win; personally I never bet against Mr. Roger, but that’s another story. I also really can’t imagine any unknowns having much of a chance or even ‘kinda knowns’ like a Thiem or an Isner or Dimitrov, not over two weeks and having to go through multiple heavyweights. I just don’t see it, not impossible, but its just not going to happen. Dimitrov might not even make it out of his first round match against baby titan Wawrinka, as a matter a fact I would almost guarantee he won’t. Be fun, but he wont. On the men’s side, there just isn’t anyone ready to come out of nowhere and snatch a Grand Slam from one of the Titans, they are all just still too good with still to much of a strangle hold on the sport for that, not to mention having to beat multiple ones to win it. It just ain’t happening.

So without further nonsense…. My picks for the 2018 US Open!!

On the Woman’s side, like I said, if she manages to qualify today, I like Bouchard to make a mini run, and Kerber will be heard from, but I’m picking Sloane Steven’s (que the anti-climatic music) to defend her title; she is entering her prime, has the game, and knows what it takes. A champion herself now, she wont be intimidated by the Williams sisters, has the power to match Sharapova blow for blow and the versatile game to hang with the Kerbers of the world.

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