#Metoo: The Humanity Altering Movement

I will be as subtle and understated as I possibly can. The #Metoo movement is as significant as any cultural movement in human history. Sorry if I'm understating it. There have been other important cultural movements; there have been religious movements, sexual movements, even other gender movements, but never a movement that addresses such a fundamental human dynamic that has existed since people have….well…you know…. walked upright! I know, I know, I’m underselling it. Let me illuminate it a little better, since humans landed from outer-space, ozzed out of the sea, or were created by yahwey, there has been an instinctual and reflexive cultural dynamic between men and woman, boys and girls, mammalian female and gonadal mammale, the XX chromosonian homogametic sex and the XY chromosonian homogametic sex that informed all of human civilization since the first cave was cleared out for moving day.

That is changing.

This is honestly a really exciting time in history. It is one thing for a gender or race or economic class to broker, lobby, or march for equality and fair consideration under the law as written. As in ‘by the letter of the law’, minorities and woman have had all the rights and privileges ‘ON THE BOOKS’, as everyone else for a while now. By the Letter of the Law…. true, yes, technically speaking everybody has the same rights, but given that as any women or minority or underprivileged person will tell you, it is in the smaller moments that the greatest offences take place, the sincerity doesn’t always reach the grass. Its the under the radar slights, the behind the scenes intimidation that keep some in power and others left out. Its the power dynamics, sexual, economic or otherwise that have oppressed or intimidated or eliminated disagreement or dissension as long as, you know, forever. It is these same power brokers that are likely to enforce the law or hire employees as their socioeconomic background dictates and then protect the same when problems arise. There is a big difference between giving lip service to equality and another thing for it to be ingrained into the grass roots fabric of society. Its in the corner store, the bar, the subway, the workplace where the essence of society lives but always lags behind.

It is rare that one would get to live through an event with the potential for such wide spread and sweeping change. To put it into a little bit better perspective; this is an entire gender of a specious on a planet in the solar system that is deciding that they can no longer live under this oppressive environment regardless of how long it has lasted and are determining to change it at its core.

Now, there will be/already has been the inevitable backlash and collateral damage. This, of course, is to be expected. Any time there is a movement of this scope and importance some feelings will be hurt, and good people miscast, and when this occurs it is always unfortunate, tragic even. Nobody wants to see any innocent smeared with any heinous classification, especially violence or sexual assault against woman; it is an extremely powerful thing; lives get shut down by this mark and rightfully so when deserved, but there certainly hasn’t been any revolution, ever, without some consequences.

Sorry, I’m not trying to be flippant, its just the reality.

Those that have all the power and influence within the status quo will always resist, they will never accept change without a fight; and its to be expected that there will be a learning curve as people who have never thought in these terms adjust to the new reality. There will be some good, generous people who just can not grasp the enormity and significance of what's happening, and may say the wrong things, or seem tone deaf at times, so some patience and understanding will be necessary; but not too much. Common people! Its not THAT complicated.

Striving for the goal that all groups have the same right of respect and consideration should not need a tremendous amount of explanation.

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